Messenger Bag Options

Strap Options

X-Strap $22 The X-strap is an auxiliary shoulder strap which can be used to distribute the weight of very heavy loads. It buckles opposite the stabilizer strap, and buckles to the flap when not in use. Removable.
Wheel Straps $18 The wheel straps option provides two straps sewn onto the flap in line with the flap buckles. These straps are tacked into 3 sections which you can thread extension straps through to secure awkward items, such as bicycle wheels, to the outside of the flap. This option includes a pair of extension straps.
Base compression straps $8 Standard on the large & x-large standard and all deluxe bags, compression straps allow you to flatten the bag when it’s empty, or tighten to keep smaller loads from shifting. Keeps large bags manageable.
Extension Straps $5 each Simple a 4-foot long adjustable strap of 1” webbing with a male buckle at one end and a female buckle at the other end. Can be used to secure bulky items.
Extra Buckles Quote Need extra buckles or straps anywhere for specific cargo needs? Let me know and I’ll see what we can work out.

Pocket Options

Double outside 3D pockets $15 A single pocket is standard on every bag – this splits that into two pockets. The pen slots go in the ‘swing’ side pocket, for quickest access.
Interior Divider $12 A divider which goes across the interior of the bag, separating it into two compartments. It sits flat against the back of the bag when not in use, so there’s no reduction in capacity.

Other Options

Extra bottom layer – Ballistic $10 Upgrade the Cordura™ base layer to a layer of 1050D ballistic nylon for the ultimate in abrasion-resistance. Really, this is probably overkill unless you’re going to be dragging your bag on the ground behind your bike.
Removable back pad $25 A pad of 1/2” thick closed cell foam to dull those sharp corners. Foam is an insulator, so it does increase the sweaty-back factor. Removable for when you don’t need it. The pocket for the pad can be placed on the inside or outside of the bag (the outside pocket can be useful as an additional place to put papers for quick access)
Key Clip $5 Put a key clip anywhere you want on or in your bag.


What I have available for immediate use will shift, but most colors of Cordura plus a number of camoflauge patterns are available, some just requiring a little more lead time. Please see the colors page for current availability.